Award                                                                   Film                                                                                   Director

BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM                             LIFTER (RUSSIA)                                                             SELKIN FEDOR

BEST INDIAN FILM                                             BOYS DON’T WEAR NAIL POLISH (INDIA)                     SIDDHARTH CHAUHAN

BEST ART FILM                                                  THE CLAY (BANGLADESH)                                              MHM MUBASSIR

BEST DIRECTION                                               FILS (LUXEMBOURG)                                                      CYRUS NESHVAD

BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR                                COFFEE AT LAUNDROMAT (CANADA)                            MAAHI KAUR

BEST MUSICAL SHORT FILM                            MONA (KOSOVO)                                                              LORENA SOPI

BEST MESSAGE                                                 NAVVU (INDIA)                                                                  RACHNA DESHPANDE

BEST DOCUMENTARY                                       A BOHEMIAN MUSICIAN (INDIA)                                     ROCHAK SAHU

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY                                 WOLVES (SPAIN)                                                              ALVARO RODRIGUEZ

BEST EDITING                                                    LILA (SPAIN)                                                                     CARLOS LASCANE

BEST ACTOR MALE                                           THE EARPEICE (SPAIN)                                                   SAMUEL QUILESPALOP

BEST CHILD ARTIST                                          THE DARK (INDIA)                                                            KVR MAHENDRA

BEST HUMAN RIGHTS                                       REFUGEE CAMP (IRAN)                                                   SAEED NAGHAVIAN

BEST ACTOR FEMALE                                      THE IMPASSE (INDIA)                                                       MAYURI WALKE

BEST CHILDREN RIGHTS                                  I AM YOU (INDIA)                                                              AJIT GIRI

BEST ANIMATION                                              THE LAST CROAK (INDIA)                                                ANEESH KUTTI

BEST COMEDY                                                  MOUSSE (SWEDEN)                                                        JOHN HELLBERG

BEST FROM ACADEMIC INSTITUTE                THE POSTER (INDIA)                                                        ASHIF KHAN (LPU)

VIEWER’S CHOICE                                           RAMBHAROSE (INDIA)                                                      AARYAN HARNOT

JURY AWARD                                                    YOU ARE YOU (SPAIN)                                                     CARMEN GOMEZ PERALTA


For more details of films well received in festival, please visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pcisff/

Results of PCISFF-2015

1.            BEST FILM (INTERNATIONAL CATEGORY)            VERA’S SONG    (USA)                                

2.            BEST FILM (INDIAN CATEGORY)                             THOMAS HAWK (INDIA)                                            

3.            BEST SCRIPT                                                            KINTSUKUROI   (INDIA)                                
4.            BEST DIRECTION                                                     IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN (CANADA)             
5.            BEST EXPERIMENTAL & CINEMATOGRAPHY           PEONES (SPAIN)                                                              
6.            BEST ANIMATION                                                     CUERDAS (SPAIN)                                                           
7.            BEST ACTOR                                                             Hero of ‘AN HUN QU’ (CHINA) Casting in chinese                                                 
8.            BEST ACTRESS                                                         MARIAM HERNANDEZ ‘VALENTINA’ (SPAIN)  &
                                                                                                 NORA G SVALHEIM ‘49 SEKUNDER’ (NORWAY) 
9.            BEST CHILDREN FILM                                               LA MOSCA (ITALY)                                                          
10.          BEST INSPIRING FILM                                               DOR (INDIA)                                                                      
11.          BEST MUSIC ALBUM                                                  LIKE TO PARTY   (UK)                                      
12.          JURY AWARD                                                             THE OBSERVATION LEVEL (IRELAND)

PCISFF is thankful to our enthusiast organizing members who suceesfully organized the festival with contribution of their valuable time and monitory help

gallery/pcisff color



Team PCISFF-2017 is whole heartedly thankful to all producers/directors and submitters for participating in the event by sending their beautiful creations.



 CATEGORY                                           FILM                                                          DIRECTOR

Best Short film                                       I DON’T LIKE HERE                                 Zavad Daraei
Best Director                                          NUMBNESS                                             Milad Jarmooz                              
Best Music                                             THE NAME OF THE DAY                          M. Q. e Boynard
Best Cinematography                           THE NAME OF THE DAY                          M. Q. e Boynard
Best film on human rights                    FIREPLACE                                              Samah Safi Bayazid
Best Experimental film                         THE ARTIST n THE PLODDER                 Bryen Trawick                              
Best film for children                            CRADLE                                                   Zanyar Lotfi
Best student director                            ETERNALLY CHILD                                 Lorena Sopi
Best Animated film                                LIGHT SIGHT                                           Simin Farrokh Ahmadi
Best Actor (Male)                                   A VIF (ON EDGE)                                     Felicien Pinot
Best Actor (Female)                              CHOICES                                                  Ivann Willig
Jury  Award                                           THE FREE SPIRIT                                     Rahman Leenin            
Youth’s Choice Award                          
FLOWERS BLOOM IN THE SHADE         Guillem Atienza

                                                                NOW                                                         Snigdha Kapoor

Special Mention:                                   THE COACHING INN                                Carlo Malichhini

                                                                NOTURNO                                                Eduardo Mattos
                                                                ASTRID                                                     R Abanto Varese
                                                                RANGODIN                                               Antoine de Boujadoux
                                                                UMUT                                                        Fernando Cruz Marques


 CATEGROY                                           FILM                                                          DIRECTOR

Best Indian Film                                     PARCHHAIN                                            Rayaz Hassan
Best Direction                                        HEER UNSTOPPABLE                            Zonita Dodda
Best Student Director                            GOOD BYE                                            Rajat Saha
Best Script                                              BLIND SPOT                                           Josh Seven
Best Music                                              LIVING IDLE                                           Ramana
Best films on women rights:                
THANK YOU MUMMY                            Gopa Banarjee Sanyal

                                                                 PHOOLPAKHRU                                     Nisheeta Keni

Best film on Traffic awareness             2 MINUTES                                            Gursharan Singh Syan
Best film on Child awareness               BHOG                                                    Yash Revar
Best film on human rights                     RANG                                                    Saurabh Jain
Best Actor (Male)                                  
93 Not out                                             Arudra Sarvankumar

                                                                 LIVING IDLE                                           Ramana

Best Actor (Female)                               FEELING LOVED                                   Rajat Saha
Jury Award                                             FALL BIDDING                                        Sarika Joshi
Youth’s choice                                       TEMPO                                                   Rohit Shukre
Special Mention:                                    
THE TRAP                                              Surendra Singh

                                                                 SAAF                                                      Ajay Singh Rathore
                                                                 FILM CITY                                              Yang Zimik
                                                                 TOY                                                        Prithwish Roy


Please visit our facebook page for detailed information: https://www.facebook.com/pcisff





Dear Directors, Producers and Submitters,

We are glad to announce the results of PCISFF-2018.

We would like to thank all the participants for their participation and patience.

We congratulate all the winners and the film enthusiasts all the best for their future endeavors.



AWARD                                                           FILM                                                                  DIRECTOR

Best Film :                                                       Hunters and Gatherers                                     Andreas Ramm

Best Direction:                                                365                                                                    Borja Ros Espejo

Best Director (Female) :                                  Duelos                                                              Yolanda Roman

Best Actor ((Female):                                      Copillas por Bombay                                         Jaume Miranda

Best Actor ( Male):                                          Chocolate                                                          Asif Rasheed

Best debutant director:                                   Victory                                                               Vishal Bhalla

Best Child Artist:                                              A Ferry Tale                                                      Mehmet Tigli

Best Script:                                                     The Mocking Idol                                               Shubham Sanjay Shevade

Best Animated Film:                                        Root Powder                                                      Ernesto Leon Moreira

Best Sound Design:                                        The Eve                                                             Luca Machnich

Best Cinematography:                                    The Hunt                                                           Masoud kazerouni

Best Film On Elderly Care:                              Fresa O Limon                                                 Paul Dean Vieillefrance

Best Film against Drug addiction:                    Wilderness                                                       Sandeep Verma

Best Musical Film:                                            Maniera Greca                                                 Kirineos Papadimatos

Youths Choice:                                                Copillas por Bombay                                        Jaume Miranda

Best Experimental Film:                                   Enzo                                                                 Serena Porcher-Carli

Bet Suspense Short Film:                                Save                                                                 Ivan Sainz-Pardo

Best Film on Human Rights:                             Repercussions                                                 Negin Homayoonpour

Best Social Film:                                              Soliloquy                                                           Nisar Ibrahim

Jury's Choice:                                                  Love Song                                                        Ian Woodward,

Best Film with Message                                   Je suis un reflet                                                 Herve Faula

Following films were well received in the Festival and Specially mentioned:

                                                                       One more experiment                                        Sergey Vlasov

                                                                       The Lake                                                           Catherine Kasima Kanda

                                                                       The Queen                                                        Joel Jairus Ravindran

                                                                       My Ground Rue                                                 Michael

                                                                       Dystopia                                                             Belloprepello

                                                                       The Prank                                                          Herve Faula

                                                                       The Door                                                            Lola Rui

                                                                       Song of Hands                                                    Hamzeh Zarei





AWARD                                                           FILM                                                                  DIRECTOR

Best Short Film:                                              Trasadi                                                               Manish M. Panchal

Best Direction:                                                The Unseen                                                        Anisha Mehta

Best Cinematography :                                   The Pilot                                                             Jitendra Borhade

Best Actor ( Male):                                          Veshbhusha                                                        Sanjay N. Kambel

                                                                       Rachis                                                                 Pratik Thakare

Best Actor (Female):                                       Fourth Wall                                                          Nishanth Gopinath

Best Child Artist:                                              Rang Biranga Anaar                                           Rohit Chauhan

Best Debutant Directors:                                 Dew Drops                                                           Pooja Singh

                                                                        Kaaji                                                                    Aishani Shetty

Best film on Cleanliness Mission:                     Muthalidam Nokki                                                Arudra Sarvankumar

Best Editing & Message Film:                          Adwaita                                                                Manwar Rana

Best Animated Film:                                         Devi                                                                     Anirban Paul

Best Story on current issue:                            The Rehabilitation                                               Navraj R S

Youth's Choice Award :                                    A bitter pill                                                           Ashutosh Jha

                                                                        Hang On                                                              Rupal Jain

Best Experimental Film:                                   Undo                                                                    C V Ramana

Best film on social awareness:                        S I F                                                                     Shashibhushan Mijar

Jury's Choice:                                                  Mukta                                                                  Vivek Tripathi

                                                                        Dum Dum Dumroo                                               Akash Goila

Best Script:                                                      Ashariri..o                                                           Rudranath Banerjee

Best film on Right of Education:                       Prawns                                                               Swapinl Shetye

Best Short film on atrocities against women:   Zaroorat                                                              Sharmila Banerjee

Best Film on Communal Harmony:                  Course of Revenge                                             Abhijit Deokar

Best Horror Film:                                             The last page                                                      Vishal Wakchaure


Following films were well received in the Festival and specially mentioned:

                                                                        Ind-Pak make love not war                                 Gaurav Arora

                                                                        Look at me                                                         Prasad Cherkady

                                                                        Until                                                                    Anshul Tyagi

                                                                        Perhaps                                                             Akhil Sachi

                                                                        Pehchan                                                            Chirag Khatri

                                                                        Understanding Moksha                                      Sameer

                                                                        Raincoat for ever                                               Ashish Maurya

                                                                        Parichay                                                             Amrit Raj

                                                                        Fiction                                                                Saugata Paul

                                                                        9 Doors and a Key                                             Pratik Moitro

                                                                        Sound                                                                Dr. S. Kokila

Resulsts are also available on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pcisff



AWARD                                                  NAME OF FILM                                                      DIRECTOR

BEST OF THE FEST                             PORTRAITIST                                                        CYRUS NESHWAD

BEST DIRECTION & EDITING                ACIDE                                                                     JUST PHILIPPOT

BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR                   THE HIGH WIRE                                                      KRISTY HASEN

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY                     BROTHER                                                              IMRAN HAMDULAY

BEST EXPERIMENTAL                           BODY-CITY                                                             LILIANA PAGANINI

BEST ANIMATION                                   SHADOWLAND                                                       BELLOPROPELLO

BEST ON HUMAN RIGHTS                     RAY                                                                         LORENA SOPI

BEST STORY                                         LAST SEEN ALIVE                                                  DAN WALLS

YOUTH'S CHOICE                                  THE REVELATION                                                  FARIDUL AHASAN SHOURAV

JURY'S CHOICE                                      SPIZELLA                                                               MEHMET TIGLI

BEST THRILLER                                     MINE FOR EVER                                                    CALUM SMITH

BEST COMEDY                                      THE SHORTS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST                 DANIEL JENNY

BEST ON WOMEN RIGHTS                    PRETTY PRETTY PRISON                                     AMANDA SPENCER

BEST ACTOR MALE                              GUNSHOT AT LOS ALBARICOQUES                      JEREMIE SCHELLAERT

BEST ACTOR FEMALE                          LA DORMANCE                                                      VINCENT MALISE

Following films were specially mentioned:

                                                                INFRARED INDIA                                                   JUSTIN WILSON

                                                                BREAK THE CYCLE                                              CARPENTIER PIERRE-ANTOINE

                                                                WELCOME TO THE TSUNAMI VILLAGE               ARATA SHIGENO

                                                                FATIMA                                                                  IMRAN HAMIDULAY



BEST OF THE FEST                               DHACHKA                                                             DEVIK RATHOD

BEST MALE DIRECTOR                          HYPOCRISY                                                         SOHAIB ZAMAN

BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR                      ECHOES                                                               PAYAL SAXENA

BEST STUDENT DIRECTOR                    THE HIDEOUT                                                      DAVE DEOHANS

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY                       PADUVARHALLI                                                    JAMADAGNI MANOJ

BEST EDITING                                         SIDE EFFECT                                                       SUJITH SAHADEV

BEST STORY & BACK SCORE                BURNING                                                              VS SANOJ

BEST CHILDREN FILM                             AAS                                                                       SHILPA JADHAV

BEST COMEDY FILM                               RAKSHAK                                                             TUHIN BASU

BEST FILM FOR COMMUNAL HARMONY AKHWAAR WALA                                                 ANANDSINGH CHAUHAN &

                                                                                                                                              SAYED SHARAFAT ALI

BEST FILM ON RIGHT TO EDUCATION   DUS KA CHAR                                                       RAHUL YADAV

BEST FILMS ON WOMEN RIGHTS           PHIRE PAHOWA                                                    ABESH BANERJEE

                                                                 WOMEN AT WORK                                                ARUN KUMAR GANESAN

BEST FILM ON DRUG ADDICTION           TALAB                                                                   ANKIT DHAME


BEST DOCUDRAMA                                 VITHA                                                                    AVISHKAR BHARADWAJ

BEST DOCUMENTARY                              SAMKHYA                                                             ROOPKATHA PURAKAYASTHA

BEST FILM ON WOMEN ATROCITY          BISKUT                                                                 ABHAY SHARDA

BEST POETIC FILM                                   MARA DADA                                                         YASH SOLANKI

BEST ANIMATION                                      FEMALE                                                                VIKESH SINGH

BEST FILM ON CHILD ATROCITIES          CAGED                                                                  RAVI VINAYAK

BEST THRILLER                                        CHAKRAVYUHA                                                     SOUMDIP SINGHA ROY

BEST FILM ON SOCIAL AWARENESS        BANDHAVYA                                                         RANJITH ADYANADKA

BEST SARCASTIC FILM                             FINDING BEAUTY IN GARBAGE                           SATYAKAM DUTTA

BEST FILM ON ELDERLY CARE                 NEEM JAMUN                                                       KAMAL MOOLWANI

YOUTH'S CHOICE                                      GUTARGU                                                            RAJ DESAI & VISHAL DESAI

JURY'S CHOICE                                          AFTER ALL THIS TIME                                        SAM PAUL P

BEST ACTORS MALE                                 BANJAR                                                                LITMUS BIG

                                                                    ANKAHI, KAHI                                                       POOJA SINGH

BEST ACTOR FEMALE                               CYCLE                                                                 ARUN MS

BEST CHILD ARTIST                                   MISSION DADU                                                    TANISHA AGARWAL

Following films were specially mentioned:    HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                               PREETAM

                                                                    SARE JAHAN SE ACHHA                                     GURPRASAD SINGH

                                                                    VERSO                                                                ABHISHEK BISHT

                                                                    AKHBAAR                                                            CV RAMANA

                                                                    HAQ                                                                     DIVYAMAAN SHRIVASTAVA