Mum inundated with Chewbacca roar calls after bitter ex posts her phone number

An Australian mum has been slammed with Chewbacca noise phone calls after her vengeful ex-boyfriend posted her phone number around her neighbourhood.

Jessica has been inundated with voice mails from strangers making Wookiee roars for two weeks after their broke up turned bitter.

But it seemed her bitter ex-boyfriend’s prank backfired – as the Queensland mum told reporters she actually found it quite funny.

Her former partner’s Star Wars-themed plot involved an advertisement promising a chance to win $100 (£55) for the ‘best’ Chewbacca impersonation.

He plastered posters around Cairns in northern Queensland with a picture of Hans Solo’s shaggy sidekick and his ex’s phone number after their three-year-relationship came to an end.

The mum-of-three old 9News :”This has got to be the most childish break-up I’ve ever had.

“All he had to do was say ‘I don’t love you anymore, I wanna move on.”

Unfortunately for Jessica, it seemed many Australians fancied they could do a winning Wookiee impression.

“I’m getting phone calls at really strange hours of the night about one o’clock to about four o’clock, eh,” she told the broadcaster.

“I thought it was quite funny actually, I thought it was a good joke.”

But Jessica has since been growing sick of the constant phone calls waking up her kids in the small hours of the morning.

She said she is keen for the “Chewbacca roar contest” to end.

But her plight has been going viral in Australia, where fans of the prank on Twitter declared it the “story of the year”.

Jessica told the Cairns Post she was annoyed that some people didn’t believe her.

“Someone called and said they thought it might have been done as a joke because they watched (a man) put up the poster,” she said.

“It hurts my feelings.”

Jessica said while she initially found the prank funny, she was appealing to hopeful Wookiees to stop roaring down her phone line at 1am.

She got the police involved after her ex allegedly took his revenge even further- dumping his car with the tyres removed in the driveway of her house to block her in.

“The police got in contact with me and finally they’re going to do something about it,” she told the far north newspaper.

Jessica also claimed she had broken up with her ex after she logged into his Facebook and discovered he was sending messages to other women.

But his prank in retaliation for her ditching him appears only to have reaffirmed her decision.

She said: “I thought when we first met he was mature, but it just goes to show having a job doesn’t mean you’re mature.”

But never mind cash – there’s new hope of love for any talented Wookiees who fancy winning the ultimate prize: Jessica’s heart.

She told 9 News: “If there’s anyone out there that can do the real Chewbacca sound, I might marry you.”